Freeform Downhill Sledding

Sizzling Sleigh Ride

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A Free Outdoor Winter Activity

Pennsylvanians have loved downhill sledding since I can remember. In fact, I can recall having been pulled around on a runner sled at less than 2-years-of-age. By the time that I was four, I couldn't wait to get out the door. As soon as the snow started falling, the guys would start getting the gear together.

Things haven't changed much. All you need is a "good snow" and a steep slope. As you get in closer to the city, finding a clear slope can be more challanging. Youngsters tend to favor retention basins, the neighbors yard, a golf course, or the local park.

In Montgomery County, Fort Washington State Park offers a free place to sled in a beautiful location.

A Sunny Snow Day

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