The Spring Zing Thing!

Fling On The Tire Swing

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The Spring Zing Thing!

Be A Star On The Monkey Bars If you're feeling a little blue,
I know what you should do,
Just the thing,
Do the fling,
At the Spring Zing.

Move to the Love Cove,
Take the dive,
And, once you've dove,
You're on the move,
At the Love Cove.

1,2,3 (you say "1,2,3")... 3,4,5 (you say "3,4,5")
Take the dive.
Scream, "I'm glad to be alive!"
1,2,3... 3,4,5
Just the thing,
Do the fling,
1,2,3... 3,4,5
The Love Cove Spring Zing thing!

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