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Yzark.com can help you place advertising or help you obtain licensing to utilize original content, Internet domain names, copyrights, and trademarks.

Through an alliance with The Membrane Domain, Yzark.com is able to offer businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations a variety of integrated micro and macro marketing opportunities. Included in these activities are: selling, buying, transporting, storing, standardizing, grading, financing, risk-taking, acquiring/disbursing market information, producing, purifying, placing, promoting, publicizing, pricing and maintaining customer satisfaction.

The Membrane Domain (established 1994) studies Internet Audience Enhancement and Traffic Filtration. On a monthly basis, The Membrane Domain serves millions of commercial advertisements and public service messages. A team of world renowned mathematicians, statisticians, programmers, forecasters, and market segmentation specialists have been able to develop a good understanding of how to best serve the public.

The approach has been yielding successful results in the area of deductive marketing models and "spreading the message."

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