A world wide web anthropological experiment that combines the arts, science and business in a multimedia environment.

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Welcome To The Labor-a-story

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You have found the front-end of a back-end. This webpage is the front-end (homepage) of a world wide web publishing system (back-end). The publishing system is a combination of experiments. Experiments that prove worthy will be integrated into the mainstream.

More Info. Than Ya Need Ta Know

Because of the wide variety of experiments, it would be easy to swamp you with more information than you need... er, a... want to know. So, in a nutshell:

Wide Variety Of Experiments

The forefathers of this website have been conducting experiments through the Internet for years. Some examples of the results include the first "button" on the world wide web. The concept of putting a link around an in-line image was first put to use on our graphical index in 1994. Another example of a successful experiment is the rotating background that you see on this webpage. When you reload the page a new background may appear.

There are thousands of new projects being tested. Since the details of these experiments consume gigabits of space, this introduction will simply provide a general list of areas being explored. You can learn more about the details by exploring the site.

Topics Of Interest

On-line & world wide web publishing standards; streaming audio and video; web traffic, analysis, monitoring, directing and auditing; children's entertainment; on-demand television; training films; Internet collaboration; business models; ad banner networks; soundtracks; .wav, .avi (MPEG4, Microsoft, MJPG, and other formats), .ra (Real Audio), .rm (Real Video), .mov (Quick Time), and other file formats; anthropological chaotic systems; the relationship between the arts and the sciences; paradigm shifts and... Cron Vortex.