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Up is getting out soon enough...
I'm going on tour... for the next couple of years,
my life is going to be a race against time.
-- Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel is almost set to release his new album of music called UP. The release will be followed by a spectacular tour.

Peter Gabriel has announced that his (long anticipated) new album will be called 'Up'. After working for more than four years on the 'Up' album and related projects using the 'Up' theme, Gabriel is set to unveil his campaign.

In addition to his own album release Gabriel is using the 'Up' title for related projects including 'Up the Amazon', 'Up the Nile' and 'Up the Ganges'.

Gabriel learned that, by coincidence, the group REM is releasing an album by the same title.

"When I first found out about the REM album title I thought that my 'Up' project, which had always been related to rivers, was now going 'Up shit creek' " says Gabriel. "However, after some reflection and consultation with REM I have decided to keep the name of my album intact. I have been living in an 'Up' world for four years now and have no wish to come down."

Gabriel continued by saying "I have always loved REM's music and respected their commitment to social change as well as really appreciating the support of the Witness human rights program. To find myself sharing a title with them is therefore not a problem."

Mike Mills said "There is no one else we would rather be sharing a title with than our friend Peter Gabriel."

Peter Buck continues, "We first considered calling our album, 'Peter Gabriel's Up', but decided that just 'Up' was the way to go. We hope in the future that all bands will also adopt this title in a showing of solidarity."

Michael Stipe added "We love Peter Gabriel and we are honored to have this association - great minds think alike."

-- Real World Studios

Stayed tuned to this webpage for the release date, tour information and updates.

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