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The light of the days,
Is growing shorter,
In a haze,
I'm drifting further.

Free from restraints,
On my way to meet the saints,
As my body and mind part,
Free from the drag,
That is man's tag,
The astral travels start.
... or, merely continue,
Into my point-of-view.

The presence of man,
I don't understand,
The hate. The greed.
Why wait to concede?
I'm ready to let it go,
See if better times,
I can know.
Me in better times,
On with the show.

Looking in,
Looking out,
I begin seeing what's about.
Looking out,
Looking in,
Figuring a way we all can win.

Going mental,
Singing what transcending is bringing.
Realize as you harmonize.
Going gentle,
Bringing singing to all.
Realize as you harmonize.


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