Right Turn

Fractal Animation of 
Living in Chaos Theory

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* additional pictures courtesy of NASA, Hubble & the USA Government


Hubble Telescope Picture of Deep Space When man finds out,
"I'm not all I am,"
How it's about,
More than him...
Then, maybe we can begin,
To see the light,
Take a turn to the right.

When it's my turn,
I hope I learn,
I get what I earn,
What I give... I get in return.

Telescope Picture of the Farthest Space Look to every star,
Look! Can you see how far?
It would be arrogant,
To think the universe is run by the ignorant.
It would be nave,
To believe chapter and verse in our superiority...
That no one is mightier than me... than we.

Our star is not that far.
Hmmm... I might just keep turning to the right.
Orbit for a bit.
Mmmm... how fun... our sun... shining bright.


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