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Humans That
Can See in the Dark

The way things are going down today,
I'd have to say,
It's most unusual.

I look around,
Can reason be found,
I look around,
Why does hate abound?
Don't want to bring you down,
Caged Iraqi But... well...
It's most unusual.

In this day and age,
You'd think we'd find a way,
To unlock the cage,
Let love out to play.
Yet, when I look around,
No reason can be found,
No policy is sound,
Crying Child The meek... we pound,
The wise... we hound,
While treachery is crowned,
Please teach me no bound,
How to fit square into round,
Without having to astound,
After all...
What would be more unusual?

Take Me Where There Are No Bounds


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