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When do we get to play again?
When will the fun and games begin?
Where will you be when it goes down?
What will you do to stick around?

When the time will come.
But, 'till then... let's have some fun!

Let the fun and games begin!
With everyone moving and laughing.
If I lose, can I choose... to play again?
Can we play again?
Did I mention...
I'd like to play again.

Yes... our times our odd,
Everyone working their job,
But, It doesn't need to be so strange,
For you to try n' rearrange,
Your schedule...
Shouldn't be unusual,
For you to crack a smile,
No, it needn't be so strange,
For you to change,
Your cramped style.

Come on and play one game,
You'll never be the same,
Once you begin,
You'll wanna play again.


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