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The Firm Grip of a Red-tail Hawk I was looking out the window when I saw a red-tail hawk (in its quasi-dark phase of plumage) hanging on to the top of a 100 foot tall pine tree. The wind was gusting 40-50 mph. But, this hawk could fit right in with its surroundings. In fact, most people never noticed it.

Then, I thought about human's grasp on their environment.


The Firm Grip of Human I heard this bird,
Had a firm grip on our situation.
Appeared absurd,
Complying with the landscape.
Raptor contemplation,
Conceiving human's escape.
Can man come to understand,
The worth of a bird in hand.
Will we come at last...
To get a firm grasp?
Working with Mother Nature,
Instead of opposing our future?
Will we come at last...
To get a firm grasp?


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