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Adventures of mootmute
What is a mootmute? What is a moot mute? Well, what would happen if you were turned into a mute? Would you be a moot point? How would you tell people that you couldn't talk? Imagine you were the town crier and the evil Queen had your tongue cut out. Or, what if you were a writer living under conditions that invoked your Fifth Amendment rights? Would you become a moot mute? Heehe.

Anyway, that's the name -- mootmute.

Why "The Dangerous Adventures"? Well, a mootmute asked his mother to proof read what this experiment is about.

She replied:

I don't really know what you are talking about about but no mistakes pop out and hit me in the face (except I don't think there is such a word as "bestest." Try using "best" there and follow it with a comma, "best, fastest, brightest.")

Mentioning the military scares me. Why don't you delete that part. Why stir up more trouble? I did see something on TV about the danger of interactive games. Some people are getting too involved to the point of suicide or violence. Scary. Remember all the trouble with the board game "Dragons and Dungeons" about twenty years ago?

Thus, The Dangerous Adventures of mootmute was born.

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