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Email Thread on Time Wave Zero

In response to being asked his opinion, Wiz says:
Time Wave Zero that says it all.

I don't get it. Harmonics of the B. Bang providing some influential force? { sounds like another way of copping out on being responsible the state being. Its that wave doing it to us!}

Doc responds:
no, i don't think its a mathematical symbol of cop out, though i don't know the derivative formula he used either... but derivatives always are sloppy seconds.

one thing that occurred to me about the bang, is that the chart itself is one dimensional. i'm thinkin mebbe there's more than one. mebbe there's also *more* than one big bang in each dimension over a long enough period of time. i'm also thinkin there's mebbe some "little" bangs periodically that lead to and follow the big ones.

so, if the chart went back far enough, mebbe we'd see a dozen big bangs represented in giant peaks, and dozens of life form cycles (from birth to extinction), represented by the troughs, on the same chart... mebbe representing this planet only, mebbe others too... dunno.

i'm thinkin it suggests a cycle of universal and local "competitive volition"... such that the universe farts (bang), followed by a period of local systems (like our solar system and others) trying to fart back (life form evolutions). and within the cycle of local farts, each local system has its own cycles of fart/reply/fart. kinda like each local system embodies and reflects the same fundamental qualities as the larger one in which they evolve. in our case, an ice age is followed by some life form evolution, then degeneration, then "death" or some cataclysm... then life again... ad infinitum. its part of the four cycles of all forms of existence... birth, aging, degeneration, death. these four cycles are followed by a temporary phase of latency, then the four cycles begin again.

i'm thinkin the twz peaks generally seem to reflect the transitional stages of latency, which look similar to cataclysm, then the troughs seem to correspond to local/human life's last stand to fend off the last few "moments" of its degeneration phase... every time we get into the shit, we either fart out a religious leader, or have a war.

that's not all that weird if you think about it... after all, all forms of sentient life seem to have some volitional mechanism for kickin up a fuss if it senses its about to die, become extinct, or has run out of ideas to make life fun and raucous, or seems to be losing control over its environment, or can't adapt to it fast enough... like that.

anyway... that's my brain fart for today.

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