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by Aiza Usmani

Where Do You Stand In This Society?

Before even starting this piece of job, for myself I tried realizing as to what is society. For me it’s an ordered community. A community that is three tiered entity consisting; children - the future of the society, the youth – to be the present society and the senior citizens – the builders of the society. Children in the society have to just Study, play and enjoy their childhood because today they learn and tomorrow they serve the society. The senior citizens have already passed their lives serving their families and society as a whole. The Youth of today are the ones who have to come up and shoulder the responsibilities of the nation and the whole society. As the youth of today are the Future Nation Builders.

My standing in the society as a youth is very powerful as every individual youth has to shape the nation and the future society. I have to work hard and shoulder the responsibilities to bring my nation at par with other developed countries. Being a citizen of my country I have to help the Government to bring about changes in the evils prevailing in this society. As a citizen of the world I have to work towards non-terrorism, anti-racism etc.

I have a dream … a dream which shows me my society blotless, uncorrupted, people employed, literate, successful and rich; I see no discrimination between the people on the basis of caste, colour, religion and creed.

But this can only be achieved if we the youth of today that is you and I work to fulfill this dream of a perfect, powerful, blotless, corruption free society. I as a youth have to set up good examples for the next generation to follow as small changes brought about by each individual can change the whole society. As there is a well known saying- “Tiny drops of water makes the mighty ocean”

This will bring smugness as it will be for our benefits and for the next generation. So it’s unto us whether we snivel and stamp our feet saying that what will be the condition of the world after some years or we take the responsibility to bring the society to its best. Mother Teresa was a fine example. She worked as an individual for the underprivileged. She was followed by thousands of people in this task in helping the people for the better future of the world.

I am making a difference by being a student because I will be the future leader of the society as a doctor, scientist, politician who works to bring the society to the pinnacles of success. I will enlighten the minds of young people by inculcating in them the spirit of nationalism and the spirit of serving their society.

Since I am a science student if I opt to be a doctor. I will try to treat the patients in far off places where medical aid is not easily available. I would take this opportunity to help the down trodden and terminally ill patients. I could even go towards research and try to discover medicines for diseases like AIDS, Myasthenia Gravis etc. I know many people are striving to find out new medicines but I believe that I can also put my foot forward.

I may opt for being a politician. Being a politician is not an easy task. Politics today is brimming with corruption and it is a big hurdle to cross to free politics from this evil. Firstly, I would make politics corruption free. I would free the society from crime. New policies would be implemented to increase the rate of literacy and diminish the rate of crime. All the corruptive people including corrupted officers would be punish for their deeds. I would take this chance to remove unemployment from the society. I would make this world spotless. New educational institutes would be constructed for a brighter future of the citizens of the society. Policies for economic development would be implemented to make this world a better place to live.

The world needs change, this world needs transformation and the world needs total revolution. Why? Because you and I keep quiet often and all the times. But this is the time when I, the youth of today has the power to bring about changes and I would love to see the people of my age group to come forward and pick up the beacon of progress and betterment. So I as a powerful citizen of the world need to build my strength as an individual being to become more powerful by being well aware as to what is going on in the society. I need to be more educated by studying and gaining knowledge in India and abroad for a broader outlook (here I am not talking about literacy but education). People do go to schools and colleges, to study and become professionals but do they look further than their goals? Do they look towards the horizon of progress and betterment where the twain shall meet? I don’t think so, for if they all stop to think not only for themselves but for the good of all, they will all join hands to strive towards a better goal. Where the dream of a flawless society becomes a reality.

Aiza Usmani

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