A Conversation Amongst Musicians
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The following is a discussion between:

Aleksandr Kryshkin, Rostov-on-Don (Russia. you'll find this place between Black Sea and Azov Sea): Guitars & Vocals
Russian Translation

Me, Philadelphia, USA: Singer/Songwriter & Multi-instrumentalist

Sech, Dallas, USA: Guitars & Vocals (And, other various instruments)

Here comes a time for you to know something more about me.

My name is Aleksandr Kryshkin

hehehe... and here i thought kryshkin was your first name... and aleksandr your last name. r,r,r,r

I'm 28 years old and I have family: wife and 2 sons: 6 and 2 years old.

i, too, have 2 children... they like to help me with the music and videos.

I live in Rostov-on-Don City.

i live near philadelphia... and the friends who help me are from all over the world. (but, mostly north america)

9 years I try to break the wall of stupidity of Russian music ind.

it is not much better here. and, now it looks ugly everywhere... that is why we wrote this piece: http://widgette.com/MP3dotCom/What_Went_Wrong.html

How to perform song together?

It's easy with web pages of my group. I'll send to you my CD by mail and you chose songs for page. But what about a video?

If you serious, I'll be serious, too.

sure... i'm serious. i wrote, recorded and published about 3,000 songs last year.

this year i've been trying to do about 2 videos a day. some of my favorites are at http://yeeha.org/yeeha.html

but, if you have a slooow internet connection, it might not work so swell. i can send ya a cdrom. just lemme know your address.

First: I have hits for video but we have to do a professional record. I mean all my records are good but just a demo. I suppose it's gonna be your recording studio who will produce such record. We could do it together. It doesn't takes much time (We're working fast without relaxing). If you know good drummer it's good because we don't have. Otherwise we can use drum machine. But you know the difference.

All guitars I'll do. Vocals- hope will do together. I like chorus where it need. Bass. I wish my bassist to play it. He is very very big talent. Keyboards-together. But all details you'll find in my mail.

So for this matter could be better if my bassist and me come to US. Uhhh.

everything sounds great up to the last part. i would hate to get your hopes up that you could get into the US. i've tried to help others, and it doesn't workout. instead, i think we can try to do it just like we have been?

you've already started collaborating with me on one of my songs... The Christmas Song. and, exactly like you said in your other email -- "I'M SURE IT'S VERY GOOD FOR THEM TO SEE RUSSIAN TEXT THERE."

yes... i agree. and, that is what the song is suppose to be about... being able to communicate to everyone that "it is very good".

soooo... why not keep moving forward as we are?

You asked about money. I tell you that I have little. But, it's enough for buying tickets to both sides for two men. I should tell you that it's a big headache for you. For me too. But I want to do it. And sometimes we need headache for our mind.

hehehe... well... like i said... i don't think it will workout. we certainly should consider a long-term plan, though.

why don't we start working on a project together... see how it goes... then, start to put a plan together should you still with to visit the US.

upfront, i just wanted to see if i was gonna need to send you any computer equipment... so that we can record.

You could choice my song for video. You just need to send me email after you'll hear it all and make your choice. You can ask me for my ideas for this matter and inform me about your own ideas. After we both agree, you make it by your self.

we can do this, too. this will be an easy one.

But however you need a professional Record. So if your company have departments in Europe (I mean recording studious) you could inform them about me and I'll make pro. rec. there. Europe is little bit easy for visit than US.

hmmm... there is a very small chance of this... i know some people over there... have some friends in italy recording right now.

And last variant. I perform a record here.

But first you should hear songs and advise me my mistakes and stupidity in lyrics. I'll attach all lyrics to mail that I'm gonna send. Hope you'll choice the best song for video and hope you'll correct lyrics there.

yes... this is sort-a what i had in mind... i'd like to take tracks from you (recorded in russia)... and combine with tracks recorded in the US and Canada... and maybe england.

we can do this with little money. what computer gear do you have...

  1. a soundcard?
  2. a cdrom burner?
  3. midi hook-up?

have you ever recorded onto your computer?

and, do you access to a video camera?

We talk about music but I didn't hear your songs, and you didn't hear my songs.

that is part of what i'm talking about... if we are to explore universal languages, then we should not need to hear each others music first.

it is my belief that music is a universal language. and, i've yet to meet another musician who does not know that feeling.

Our music taste may be different. Who is your fav. musicians?

ooooh... i love many, many, many... from Genesis to bob Marley. most of what i listen to these days is from unsigned bands.

on our first song together, i was kinda hearing something like Queen's "keep yourself alive" at a faster tempo.

would ya be hip to that?

On what musical instrument can you play or you are vocalist? bassist?

hmmm... well... i try to sing sometimes... and, i've been known to play the keyboards, piano, organ, 6 and 12 string acoustic or electric guitars, bass, percussion and a variety of other instruments... such as, the mandolin, cello, trumpet and harmonica... my wife bought me a flute last Christmas (and i'm having quite some fun with it)... lately i picked up a sax and a sitar.

what i have the most fun with is playing more than one at the same time... sort-a like a one-man-band. so, maybe sing, play keyboards and guitar at the same time.

when i'm lucky, i can get into a certain state of mind... and write and record in an extemporaneous fashion.

You said about midi for PC but I think it's not enough for good song. I'm usualy use for it guitars, piano, and many more.

well... if you create a midi file over there... and email it to me... i can hook it up to a bunch of swell keyboards, etc. and record it here.

Tell me where can I find your best song to hear it. Can I download it anywhere?

hmmm... i don't know about best... but, i can point you to what other people like the best... http://membrane.com/rombox.html.

It's very serious to make a song. I have only 10-12 good songs. Look at McCartney. Every 1-2 years till Beatles gone he makes an albums. In such albums we can find not more than 2 good songs. Stupid. What is it for? Money? I don't think so. I think it's like drugs for him. He cannot leave without making something. But his time is gone. He can't find songs to create album of "Best". I have "The best of Paul McCartney".Terrible.Except song "No more lonely nights "this album is bull's sh... He and a "Stones" and similar should go out of this industry. They have made many good songs but not in last 20-30 years. Why can't they stop in proper time?

You said you recorded 3000 songs this year. Please clarify situation. May be I don't understand what you mean? What is more important for you- music or lyrics? And what kind of music and what kind of lyrics? What is songwriting for you-hobby or life reason. For me it's life reason- my songs are my children.

i hear what you are saying... for it is my passion... it is why i enjoy each and every day.

when i write songs, it is not me... it goes far beyond little me.

there is a very spiritual situation in which i write music... i attempt to become one with god... and let her talk through me.

if you would like to hear more about this, just let me know.

Please keep in mind that I don't think that MP3.com or something else are serious reason to write lyrics about. Who they are for you? For me - not more than server where I keep my tracks. For example if today I sign off mp3.com and join any company, 4 month later I couldn't remember who was mp3.com. But you are angry with mp3.com. You're killing your mind when you're angry. Hope there are many other beautiful things to write lyrics about. Look out.

hehehe... you may not fully understand that song.

you see... you may or may not be able to "sign off mp3.com". in fact, it looks like mp3.com is making sure that is not the case. they have tricked you out of your very essence... your very reason for being... the have usurped your copyrights and/or mechanical rights to your music... they have the ability to use your name and likeness, etc.

that is what makes me mad... they can do little to hurt me... and, i can fend for myself... but, when they hurt others that are unaware... people like you... well, that makes me write a song.

and, i'm not that angry... i'm more amused... if i can get mp3.com to distribute and pay me for a song called What Went Wrong (With MP3.com)... well, that is one of the funniest things i've ever heard.

if i'm lucky, it will become a hit at mp3.com... and, i can give the money to children's music and athletic groups.

so, it will be an experiment in getting a serpent to eat itself.

the more popular they make my songs, the more likely they will put themselves out of business.

This summer after returning from Singapore I took my family and went to Abkhasian resort Pitsunda. There are not many people because 8 years earlier there was war and now people afraid of visit Abkhasia. There are only pines and sea and air that you can't find anywhere. I've got a perfect contact with nature. That's thing to write lyrics about. What you think about all this?

yes. the mp3.com was a rare song for me... most of my efforts have to do with the future of music... creating music that has not been done before... and exploring ways to take music further.

in particular, i'm experimenting with other mediums for sound to travel through... and other ways to mimic sound that does not require air. (this is partly based on a vision that i had... and partly based on the way the hump back whale sings.)

did you ever see that movie, mr. holland's opus... that gives a glimpse of what i'm talking about, too... he writes a piece for his deaf child... uses lights and vibrations to help him "hear the sound".

you might say, i'm trying to get as close to nature as you can be. that is why i prefer recording all natural.

what do you think about all this?

you're an animal!

i heard all the versions of "the song"...

that they put it up blows my mind !


thanks for trying to help our new found friend in Russia...sometimes we take alot for granted... they have it a lot worse than we do... he sure is passionate about making it.. .unfortunately, more lessons to come... you know musicians are like salmon? ...swim upstream, get beaten on the rocks, get eaten by bears, the few that make it spawn and quickly die...why do we keep going?

that's tha phenomenon....


hehehehe... maybe we should do a spanish vocal version?

as part of a musical experiment in marketing... i'd like to get a version to show up in searches for any... and all genres :)

in spanish?

lets do it !


you asked about the mp3.com song having any meaning... or worth?

well... that is why i like doing things like "it".

Sech is a great guitar player... and, he can sing in spanish, too. So, his opinion is valuable.

Here are just a few of the reasons why a song like What Went Wrong (With MP3.com) means something to me:

  1. he is into it... and, that makes me happy.
  2. i can get him involved in it... and, that makes me happy
  3. it builds onto the next level... music across many styles of music... and, that makes me happy

so, perhaps the subject matter is not what i would have picked (it picked me). But, maybe we have created meaningful music... anyway?

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