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so, i asked sidd... 'if i were to donate my body to science... how much energy could be produced from my mass? ...ya know? E=mc^2?'

and sidd sez:
first take yr wt in kilos
put in c=3x10e8 meter/s so c^2=9x10e16
so E=72.3x9x10e16=6.5e18 joule

how much izzat, e asks...
well lets see if we turned psehelp into energy we could run a 200 watt
computer for a billion years

well, ow long izzat e asks...
mmm .. the earth is about 4 billion years ... so we can run
our 200 watt machine for an appreciable fraction of the age of the planet

or we could run a billion computers for a year..

or make a really big bang

ow big e said eyeing me narrowly

well ow does 300 million fat hydrogen bombs sound to u ?


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