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Email Thread on Streaming Multimedia Files wrote:
hey... check this out and let me know
what ya think?
it's an attempt at streaming audio using Real Player

doc replied:

it streamed in wildly erratic segments of 5 seconds
to 2 minutes in duration... those were the download
times, during which there was no sound. almost all
audible signals lasted about 3 seconds to 10 seconds.
they were obscured by the stream interruptions and
the mexican, i mean english accent... hee hee.

total play-out time: dunno... i stopped it at about
22 minutes.

but that's just on my system, mind ya... but real audio's
gettin closer to the streamed buffered style that allowed
the net simulcast of the grammies not too long ago...
and that was virtually uninterrupted by anything greater
than 2 0r 3 second delays every 1 to 2 minutes...
gettin there.

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