The 1st Communication: About This Multimedia Project & Scenario Planning
An email exchange that started as an explanation of video production leads to a discussion about the essence of this websebver.

ps. How much do you think a used space shuttle goes for?
The initial email exchange in which an alternative to obliteration is discussed.

FAQ: Why can't I get through to you on the Internet? (Browser and Email Connection Problems)
There are many elements to an Internet connection... the chain is as strong as its weakest link.

Bryce 3D Software: Long-term Rendering of Landscape Animation
An email thread about the making of .avi video files and other multimedia formats.

Further Thoughts About Breakdowns on the Internet: The Routing of Packets / Lost Packets
A continuation on the topic of figuring out where the trouble is.

How to Zip a File Using pkzip.exe
A simple explanation as to how to compress files using PKZIP.

Solipsistic views of Communication

An Experiment in Streaming Video
Low-bandwidth Real Audio / Real Video test.

demo tapes, writing, making movies, avi, mov, Real Audio and streaming video, downloads, etc.
+well... can i call ya my friend?

SEND ME TEXT AND NUTTN ELSE: a conversation on proper email etiquette
There are many different types of email programs... but certain rules hold true for everyone.

Sid Barrett: In Quest of a Free Spirit
Communicating without using words.

Toxologist replies on pesticide use, reduced and integrated pest management, dangerous toxins in scented products, and chemically sensitive individuals.
Dr. Tox Talks... a reply to email question about toxology and behavior problems, etc.

Music from Russia with possible U.S. multimedia tie-in: a travel from a catastrophic ecstatic mood to a gradual transition to meditative relaxation.
A Russian composer contacts Rombox.Com with a submission.

A Coupla Pharout Keyboardists Experiment with Multimedia
How do you get non-commercially oriented music out to the masses?