Here Comes The Flood

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About This Song
The Band Together is an audio and visual experimental band. One of the concepts being played with is to convey lyrics without using language… in theory, trying to send a message that everyone can understand.

This music video uses flooding footage shot in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania as the audio and visual tapestry for a soundtrack called, “Here Comes The Flood”.

The sound and video of the roaring water were recorded in real time. Hmmm… I suppose you could call this reality music?

The message the band hopes to convey is one of awareness. Much of the world’s population is in danger of rising sea levels and floods. Global warming brings increased volatility to weather systems. The responsibility for the climate change is something to consider.

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Bits And Pieces

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The song was written and recorded during heavy down pours and flooding. While thinking about what may have caused the floods, the idea came to mind... that maybe the rain falling out of the sky was like the fallout from some other man-made event... such as, global warming. The fallout from the global warming is volatile weather and freak rain storms. The fallout from the rain is flooding. The fallout from the flooding is damage to the river banks. The fallout from the damage to the river banks is less vegetation and more global warming. And, on and on and on.....

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Water Over The River Banks

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