We The People
(Fat Cat)

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Woooo! Look at that fat cat go!
Fat cat hypocrite,
Doesn't really care,
No... not a bit.
Completely unaware,
The destructive destiny he does sow.
He really doesn't know?

There's no debate,
It's not our fate,
We choose.
We chose.
Making it inevitable,
That we all lose.
Ain't it incredible?

We the people... let that cat get fat,
We the people... failed to check his balance,
We the people... encouraged his cannibal diet,
And, raised his allowance.
Then, told his friends to try it.
Wow... how about that... it must be true --
You are what you eat?
I've turned into a hypocrite, too.
I've allowed that cat to eat my rights right up.
... did nothing... cowered like a lil' pup.
What a defeat,
For the red, white and blue.

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