The Adventures of

Sir Vent
Emergency Surgery

The Adventure's Of Sir Vent -- Welcome to the fifteenth album in's interactive multimedia series (with *free for all* music, videos, soundtracks and movies.) This collection is a sequel to the modern rock opera, Coming Apart.

Click here to start the full length modern rock opera movie, Emergency Surgery. (Real Player Streaming Video)

1.Hand To Hand Combat
What if instead of one hand washing the other, they decided on hand to hand combat?

2. The Nerve
While at the same time my nerves had the nerve to go into a deep sleep

3. Paying Attention - Part 1
I'm so busy paying my debts... paying my dues... that's why I mention: I may have forgetten to be paying attention? What would you say, will be the ultimate price I pay? Maybe I could have prevented... what will cost my life someday?

4. Golden Rule Of Social Justification
Playing The Game Of Living or The Lyrics

5. Like A Cancer Growth
In the last story, Stomach was getting attacked by a couple of ignoramuses. But, what if the evil was worse... much worse... what if Stomach had cancer... and, the rest of the body wasn't paying attention? Might it spread like a cancer growth? Argh... the heart and soul... both... Hate the cancer growth... in fact they loath... We would all loath it.

6. Immunity
I hope those white blood cells didn't go away. In fact... just the opposite... I hope they're own their way. Oh, please, oh, please grant me immunity. Set me free!

7. Panic Attack
Yipes! This is happening to me... now what am I going to do? Should I just rip the whole thing out? Or, shall I take my whole body to the brink of death... zap it with radiation... and hope that the cancer dies before I?

8. Denial
This ain't happening to me. A mistake has been made... can't you see?

9. As Long As
As long as this thing is part of me... or as long as I am part of this thing... I shall see what good I can bring. If acceptance is what's needed, then it shall be conceded. How long would it take to right the wrong... if I can't see what's ailing me? What will be left of me?

10. Minimize The Damage
... and maximize the chance to survive! Gotta try n' stop the rampage. Gotta try n' stay alive.

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