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You wrote:
I have a request for a depressing song... my band split... I'm so depressed -_-;;

I reply:

I'm so depressed,
All my plans,
And, future fans,
Have been disbanded,
Goin' into cardiac arrest,
Left here single handed,
What happened to the rest?

Don't they have any regard,
For working hard?
A distinguished effort,
Needn't be dreaded,
Needn't be fought,
When done in unison,
It can be fun!

So, stand up,
About being up-front,
About being a stand-up,
Human being,
Sing it out,
All about,
Until everyone... "gets" the meaning.

We come together,
To form a group,
There'll be less demand,
On each other,
Making ease...
An endless loop.

So, please?

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