COVID: The Natural Immunity Myth


* Epigenetic Modifications (Changes to DNA)
* Change in Cell Fate
* Tryptophan Deficiency
* Dysfunctional Kynurenine Pathway
* Neurological Damage
* Down Regulating NAD+
* Up Regulating IDO
* Rogue Antibodies
* Change in Pancreas Cell Function (Down regulation of Insulin)
* Increased Risk of Cancer
* Blood Clots
* Vascular Disorders
* Myocarditis and Heart Damage
* Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)

These are some of the causes of long-COVID symptoms that have been identified. There are likely many more.

Everybody's response to COVID is unique; however, most people are likely to develop several of these disorders. For instance, the genetic abnormalities were found in 1-3% of the prepandemic population. In the population of COVID survivors, 50-75% of individuals exhibit these genetic abnormalities. Currently, there is no cure for any of these ailments.

Vaccination is the best method for preventing all of these conditions. Unvaccinated people are 8x's more likely to contract COVID. Vaccinated people that contract COVID are 50% less likely to develop long-COVID. Get vaccinated.

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