All Available Altruistic Americans And Allies -- The Double Triple A Organization

The Double Triple "A" Organization was founded by accident during an experiment in a New Jersey basement. The foundation of the organization is based on a trilogy of live concerts (performed extemporaneously) in the cellar of rented house. On three separate occasions, a variety of Americans gathered, played musical instruments, and channeled with their forefathers. What had started out as a musical project for The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment, has now grown into inquisitions on freedom, liberty, and passion.

We've named the band Make A Noize. We've named the organization All Available Altruistic Americans And Allies because we are calling both USA citizens and World citizens to please join-in on the adventure.


The Music & Multimedia
The Freedom Test

At the first gig, some of the guys had never met before. In fact, Chris (keyboards and bass) hadn't met two of the band members prior to walking in during the middle of a song... and, we haven't seen him since. How did we get so much freedom?

The jam lasted about 2 hours. It was recorded using an 8mm video camera and a Sony mini-disc recorder.


The Music & Multimedia
The Liberty Test

Liberty -- the power of voluntary choice. Ah Ha! CHOICE... that seems to indicate that you must make a decision. But, then when I look around at the hoards of brain dead, I wonder about my own lameness. What am I choosing to do?

Again at this session, the Americans had never all played together before. It lasted about 2 1/2 hours and was recorded using an Digital Video camera, 8mm video camera, and a super 8mm video camera.


The Music & Multimedia
The Passion Test

Once an individual realizes that there is work to be done in order to preserve our freedom and liberty, the question usually becomes:

What is my purpose? How can I best serve society?
Perhaps the answer lies in the areas that you are already passionate about. Maybe love, the ability to explore your curiosities... or the independence that allows you to get into your car and head down the highway, will help motivate you to ensure your rights as an American. Possibly you should be President of the United States?

Stand up, and MAKE A NOIZE!